4 wheel electric trucks

4 Wheel Electric Forklift Truck Cushion Tire



The E80-120XN series trucks do the heavy lifting with ease—up to 12,000 pounds—so your operators can be more productive, and you can maximize your ROI – just what you expect from Hyster.

  • Decreased downtime
  • Low cost of operation
  • Built for comfort
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Performance options
Industry Sector

- Home Centers
‐ Steel, Aluminum & Metals
‐ Paper, Packaging & Printing
‐ Auto & Transport MFG
‐ General MFG

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The peak performer

Get more from your work day

Decreased downtime

The standard AC traction and hydraulic motors are unsurpassed in the materials handling industry so they spend more time working and less time being worked on.


  • Eliminates motor brushes
  • Requires no periodic maintenance
  • Eliminates scheduled downtime and the cost for parts and service
  • Eliminates the service requirements created by brush wear dust
  • Does away with the commutator and its related parts and service costs
Low cost of operation

The E80-120XN series lowers your cost of operations by delivering increased productivity, lowered energy consumption, advanced dependability and reduced maintenance costs.

  • The Pacesetter VSM monitors and communicates the truck’s multiple systems via the CANbus communication system, keeping a constant check on the unit and vital components.
  • A two-piece floor plate and side plates can be easily removed for unrestricted service access.
  • CANbus communications simplifies wiring and improves serviceability.
  • On-board diagnostics reduce repair time and minimize expensive part-swapping.
  • Easy battery access is provided via the spring-assisted hood and quick release handle.
Model Load Capacity Load Centre Lift Height Turning Radius Battery Capacity Weight
E100XN 5000kg 500mm 5740mm 2341mm 36V / 2300Ah - 48V / 1800Ah - 80V / 1000Ah(V/Ah) 8112kg
E100XNS 5000kg 500mm 5740mm 2240mm 36V / 2300Ah - 48V / 1800Ah - 80V / 1000Ah(V/Ah) 8121kg
E120XN 5500kg 600mm 5750mm 2420mm 36V / 2300Ah - 48V / 1800Ah - 80V / 1000Ah(V/Ah) 8824kg
E80XN 4000kg 500mm 5550mm 2165mm 36V / 2300Ah - 48V / 1800Ah - 80V / 1000Ah(V/Ah) 7217kg