Compact Stacker



Compact electric pedestrian stackers for high efficiency, productivity and performance.

  • Dependability
  • Robust and durable
  • Operator-friendly
  • Efficient servicing
Industry Best

Designed to suit a variety of light-duty warehouse and retail applications. Ideal for use in the back of a store or on mezzanine floors, for lifting and transporting open pallets in confined spaces.

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The compact stacker truck that’s perfect for working in confined spaces with tight budgets.


The compact stacker truck that’s perfect for working in confined spaces with tight budgets.

Responsive butterfly switches control travel direction, speed and braking, for a smooth start, controlled stopping and acceleration.


MOSFET DC controller for traction and hydraulic controls. In case of collision, components and batteries are protected with a specially designed cover.

Robust and durable

The welded fork construction makes the fork on the SC1.0 highly resistant to torsion and heavy loads. In case of collision components and batteries are protected with special designed cover.


Low effort controls ergonomically placed reduce operator fatigue and optimise load handling. The truck’s compact chassis design also improves accessibility. The ergonomic tiller head is designed for maximum operator comfort and the low effort controls are designed to
reduce operator comfort. Responsive butterfly switches provide smooth and controlled speed in either travel direction and allows controlled traction braking. Whilst the Adjustable Creepspeed enables operators to adjust performance setting to suit specific operation conditions
for manoeuvring in dense areas.

Efficient servicing

Efficient servicing and low cost of ownership are provided by on board 10A HF charger for on-site recharge, on-site battery packs to allow maximum time of operation. The truck provides instant accessibility to batteries, and comes with maintenance free sealed lead acid
batteries enabling a quick exchange to take place.

Model Load Capacity Lift Height AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Weight
SC1.0 1000kg 1510mm 2130 / 2120mm 24V / 54h(V/Ah) 371kg