Compact pallet truck



The Hyster PC1.5 can deliver three times the efficiency of a hand pallet truck

  • Reliable performance
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy service and dependability
Industry best

Distribution centres and warehouse operations. Most suitable for internal use over short distances. Loading and unloading pallets.

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Productivity, cost of ownership delivered, and reliable

The PC1.5 can work at three times the intensity and with a 6-second battery exchange

Reliable performance

Your operation runs lean, which means you need equipment that's ready when you are, built to keep business moving. The PC1.5 is built with several smart features to maximize productivity.

  • Powered travelling, lifting and lowering
  • Optional large battery with 3-hour fast charger
  • Re-charge alert
Low maintenance

The PC1.5 lithium-ion walkie offers improved efficiency, reduced strain on operators and an excelletn cost of wonership.

  • Maintenance free components; brushless drive motor and lithium-ion battery
  • Efficiency is tripled over a hand pallet truck
  • Emergency reverse “belly” button
Easy service and dependability

The PC1.5 series is tough enough to standup to your operation's challenges day after day, with both rigid structure and a simple design for fast, efficient service.

  • Maintenance free components; brushless drive motor and lithium-ion battery
  • Durable steel frame and protective cover
  • 60-second drive wheel replacement
Model Load Capacity Lift Height AST (wide / long) Battery Capacity Weight
PC1.5 1500kg 115mm 1718 / 1687mm 48V / 10-15Ah(V/Ah) 120kg